How does it work?

In some way or other, each one of us affects the course of history. Because of the extraordinarily serendipitous way change happens, something you do during the course of today may eventually change the world. James Burke, Science Historian

Big Idea Initiative is all about making connections by sharing knowledge, thoughts, and ideas that support deep thinking and collaboration. Our goal is to create a space that sparks thoughts and conversations among people whose ideas might benefit each other, even if they’re working on completely unrelated topics. We think the limits of possibility will be pushed back by the connections that diverse thinkers make together. Identifying these connections will bring the big ideas our world needs.

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The Process

Big ideas come from the gaps, and bridges, between our individual boxes of thinking. Big Idea Initiative will bridge the gaps between people and ideas, and act as an incubator for inspiration. Here’s how you can get involved:

  1. Share Your Vision Email us at with your idea. We welcome innovative concepts from individuals and groups across all fields and industries. Be sure to provide a detailed description of your idea, including its purpose, potential impact, and any relevant supporting materials.
  2. Craft Your Idea Once your idea is received, our team will work with you to refine and shape your concept into a compelling article. We will provide guidance and support to help you craft a well-written piece that effectively communicates the value and potential of your idea.
  3. Amplify Your Idea We are committed to helping your idea gain visibility and reach a larger audience. We encourage reader engagement and discussion around your idea, fostering a vibrant community where feedback, suggestions, and expertise can further refine and enhance your concept. Together, we create an ecosystem where ideas flourish and shared efforts thrive.
  4. Bring Ideas to Life We understand that prototyping and funding are crucial steps in turning ideas into reality. Upon completion of the article, we will explore avenues for funding and connect with potential sponsors, or organizations interested in supporting innovative projects. If feasible, we may assist in developing a prototype to further demonstrate your idea’s feasibility.

If you don’t have an exciting idea to share yourself, but know of interesting ideas or people, we’d still love to hear from you!

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The Criteria

At Big Idea Initiative, we believe that innovation thrives when ideas transcend boundaries and when they incorporate diverse perspectives. While we welcome ideas from various fields and disciplines, we want to prioritize certain criteria to ensure the potential for impactful outcomes. Here are a few of our top priorities:

These criteria serve as general guidelines, but we are open to considering a wide range of ideas. Our goal is to provide a platform for any innovative thinker who is committed to creating positive change through their ideas.

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The Goal

Our main goal is to shape long-lasting, sustainable change that fundamentally amplifies our human capabilities and raises our collective intelligence. We do that by:

We would love to have you on board. Got any ideas? Let us know at