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Computers have incredible potential to make us smarter and more capable human beings. We’re really not seeing this happen with the kind of technology platforms we have today. We are trying to light the way to make breakthroughs possible by unblocking and discovering the ways forward. Join us.

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We are all stuck in a rushing standstill

We’re just getting more of the same – only an optimization of our current experience. Superficial tweaks seem to count more than true innovation. It’s easy to think we’re innovating through technology, or that technology will always be the solution. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

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The famine of big ideas is all around us

There is so much we already have: the thinkers, the ideas, the technology, and the global network that can connect everyone and everything. So where are the big ideas?

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Co-Creation based on culture and technology

Big Idea Initiative is all about making connections and sharing knowledge, thoughts, and ideas that support deep thinking and collaboration. The world isn’t zero-sum: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. For the greater good, we have to connect the parts: our knowledge, thoughts, ideas, and each other.

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Utopists and Ideators wanted

Big ideas come from the gaps, and bridges, between our individual boxes of thinking. At Big Idea Initiative, we are trying to light the way to make breakthroughs possible by unblocking obstacles and discovering ways forward. This is the playground of the Big Idea Initiative.

… but what’s your idea?

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